What does the student receive on completing the course?

Upon Course CompletionOn successful completion of the BTEC HND in 3D Animation and Multimedia course, an internationally recognized HND Certificate will be issued by BTEC UK. BTEC certificates are recognized by the following Bodies among others:
All standard Edexcel qualifications are mapped against the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s (QCA) and National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Students can further their academic pursuits by joining any UK University of choice upon successful completion of the HND for the final year (3RD year) of undergraduate study.

BTEC HND mode of training is based on an immersive experience. It is extensively practical with emphasis on the latest technology in the industry today.BTECs HND in 3D Animation & Multimedia is an advanced Curriculum that caters for the most modern Digital Film/Moviemaking Techniques.